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VLOG trusts Vertragswerk

With Vertragswerk, VLOG signs its contracts digitally.

Because it is simply (and) better

Vertragswerk is a platform on which contracts and agreements can be created, negotiated and signed.

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Is faster

With you and back at VLOG – streamlined and digital even for future contracts.

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Does good

With every contract concluded, a donation goes to a children’s and youth project in the field of education.

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Protects the environment

VLOG saves paper for contracts and envelopes.

This is important for Vertragswerk


Data protection compliant and in German data centres.

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We take responsibility for society, the environment and better economic coexistence.

Data Security

Your data is encrypted in the cloud.

Your questions – our answers

Why do I have to register?

Your registration on Vertragswerk is necessary so that the signature you have provided can be assigned to your contract with VLOG.

What legal security does my signature have?

The signature is a „simple digital signature“. By receiving the e-mail notification from VLOG, we assume that you are a party of the contract with VLOG and that you agree to the new contract with your signature.

What exactly happens to my data?

Your personal data will only be used for the processing of your contract with VLOG. You can read detailed information about data protection here.

How do you know who actually signed the contract?

We don’t know it – like we cannot know it with a conventional letter. However, we can establish a link between the e-mail address and the IP address used to execute the signature by means of online logging.

Further questions about Vertragswerk? We will be happy to help you!

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